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I am anxious about the dentist. Can you help me?

At Peak Family Dentistry, we understand dental phobia and anxiety and always work hard to create a comfortable and relaxing environment for our patients.

Our dentists in Hackensack, NJ are also well-trained and experienced with nitrous oxide and oral sedation when necessary. Nitrous oxide is a relaxation gas delivered through a small nose mask. The effects wear off when the mask is removed, making it okay for patients to drive themselves home.

Also, Dr. Heaney is a board-certified dental anesthesiologist and capable of administering IV sedation in our dental office when indicated. For those who need more invasive dental treatments or have a special need, our Hackensack dentists have operating room privileges at Hackensack Meridian's Hackensack University Medical Center.

It is essential to have a friend or family member drive you to your dental procedure if you opt for sedation. It is also important not to make any life decisions or operate machinery or a vehicle on the day of sedation.

Our dentists want you to feel relaxed and at ease every time you visit our dental office. If you have a particular phobia, general anxiety, or an issue that requires a specialized approach, we encourage you to contact a member of our dental team today. 

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We are happy to inform our patients that we will be reopening our office on May 26th for most treatment.  We are in all week to answer questions and make appointments for you.

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